Commercial Kitchen Suppression

Whether you are opening a new business with a commercial kitchen or looking to switch from your current fire protection provider, Kistler O’Brien has the installation and service teams you can rely on! Contact us today for a free site visit.

Commercial Kitchen Suppression CAPABILITIES

Flammable oils and greases

Power and Gas Lines

High-Efficiency Heat Sources

If you own or operate a business with a commercial kitchen, you are well aware that your employees are working in an environment that include these dangerous hazards. But when you partner with Kistler O’Brien, you understand that our goals are in line with yours – to protect the safety of your employees and your guests and to help keep your equipment running and avoid any unnecessary and costly downtime.


Full service for your commercial kitchen


A commercial kitchen can get hectic, to say the least. Daily peak hours. Seasonal holidays. The “customer is always right” or even human error situations. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Whether the commercial kitchen is a restaurant, campus, institution, nursing home or other type of facility, the buildup of grease is a serious fire hazard and preventative action needs to be taken on a consistent basis. When your fire suppression system has too much grease built up in the detection line, piping or nozzles, it can render the system inoperable leading to an unextinguished fire, loss of equipment and significant downtime.

According to NFPA 96, commercial kitchens should be inspected for grease buildup monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually depending on the type of restaurant business. As your fire protection partner, Kistler O’Brien will also test the detection line and use an air compressor to verify pipe and nozzles are unobstructed during an inspection.

By partnering with Kistler O’Brien Fire Protection, you can help protect your employees, your guests, your investment and your property with a properly installed, inspected and maintained kitchen fire suppression system. Our schedules are flexible to your needs so we do not interrupt your business.

We are here to help with full-service fire protection services.



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